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Just see võikski cinema that in its diversity offers us the easiest olla põhjus, miks tulla taas ja taas ka PÖFFile. Olen tänulik kõigile filmitegijatele, kes on usalda- te-režissööride-kriitikutega kuni treilerite ja festivalil Therefore, we joined forces with the organisers nud meile oma linateoste maailma-, rahvusvahelise I am thankful to all the filmmakers who have trusted linastuvate lühifilmideni. Eriti suurt heameelt võime tunda can be particularly happy that a large number of Põhja-Euroopa suurimate filmisündmuste hulka. Tunneme, et me ei were many of these in the pre-selection — could not teeme seda ka tänavuse festivali lõppedes.

We studied this question in Merkel cell-neurite complexes, where slowly adapting type I SAI neurons innervate skin-derived Merkel cells. Merkel cell ablation also decreased downstream TrkB signaling in DRGs, and altered the expression of genes associated with SAI development and function.

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Skin- and Merkel cell-specific deletion of Bdnf during embryogenesis, but not postnatal Bdnf deletion or Ntf3 deletion, reproduced these results. Furthermore, prototypical SAI electrophysiological signatures were absent from skin regions where Bdnf was deleted in embryonic Merkel cells. We conclude that BDNF produced by Merkel cells during a precise embryonic period guides SAI neuron development, providing the first direct evidence that the skin instructs sensory neuron molecular and functional maturation.

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Peripheral sensory neurons show incredible phenotypic and functional diversity that is initiated early by cell-autonomous and local environmental factors found within the DRG. However, the contribution of target tissues to subsequent sensory neuron development remains unknown. We show that Merkel cells are required for the molecular and functional maturation of the SAI neurons that innervate them.

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We also show that this process is controlled by BDNF signaling. These findings provide new insights into the regulation slimming bomb abu dhabi somatosensory neuron development and reveal a novel way in which Merkel cells participate in mechanosensation.