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Due to unique marine ingredients, the following bath and massage help to remove excess liquid from your tissues, stimulate fat cells, and firm your skin, therefore this bath treatment, which shapes your body curves suits everybody who wants to become slimmer. The fee for time exceeded is 0,10 EUR per 1 min. These simple readily available ingredients have been used over the years traditionally to tighten and tone the skin and help stimulate the body to rid itself of trapped toxins. The benefits are felt immediately — you can make sure yourself how the hydro-lipid layer is improved. An exfoliator is then massaged into the skin to exfoliate away dry and callused areas.

Honey massage accelerates blood flow to the region. Reach the body through the skin, known as the healing effects of honey. Honey massage is used successfully in muscular tension, colds, mental stress, joint problems, and chronic treatment of cellulite. Unfortunately, this massage is not suitable for honey allergy sufferers.

Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms. Native Americans used cold or hot rocks to release body tension.

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In this massage ritual, smooth volcanic rocks in varying temperatures are used as well as manual massage. The contrast between hot and cold-thermal therapy which stimulates the bloodstream and relaxes the body.

The treatment is introduced by a special Phytomer welcoming ritual to stimulate all your senses. It is followed by peeling your body with sea salt crystals, which is efficient but gentle at the same time; it restores the natural complexion and softness of your skin. The peeling is followed by an extremely relaxing ritual with warm massage boluses made of the blend of lavender blossoms and salt crystals stimulating every energy point of your body. Every guest is welcome and respected and we kindly ask that you show the same attitude towards the spa employees and other guests, who are sharing this unique atmosphere with you.

We kindly request you to arrive at a pre-booked treatment min in advance in order to adjust yourself for the forthcoming experience. We advise you to leave jewelry, watches, and valuables in your room safe when changing before attending a treatment.

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In case if you have any slimming body wrap spa about dressing we kindly ask you to consult our spa employees. Your privacy and security are granted. In the event of having problems with your health e. During the treatment please give feedback to the spa employee, whether it is too cold, too warm, if it hurts somewhere, or if you just enjoy the treatment.

As our ZEN SPA is small and exclusive and we wish to provide a very personal service to all kaalulangus 65 paeva jooksul our guests, we advise making reservations in advance. You will ensure receiving desired treatments in case you make reservations prior to your arrival at the hotel. In the event of being late for the treatment, please inform the hotel reception about it.

Your treatment will unfortunately be shorter by the amount of time you arrived later. The treatment will automatically be canceled if you are late for more than half of the duration of the treatment.

In case of wishing to change or cancel a treatment, then out of respect for other guests we kindly ask you to inform about that latest 1 day in advance. Make sure you remain in the sauna area not longer than for the time agreed.

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The fee for time exceeded is 0,10 EUR kui palju kaalulangus keto 2 kuud 1 min. Please observe referring signs and symbols in the sauna and pool area.

It is obligatory to take a shower prior to using the sauna and the pool. The depth of our pool is 0,95 m. Diving into the pool is prohibited. Snacks and beverages into the sauna can be ordered kaalulangus mees 50 the hotel reception. Bringing your own food and beverages is strictly prohibited Reservations for the Sauna can be made throughout the day.

The SPA menu offers a small but innovative selection of pampering treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate.

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If you are celebrating a special occasion, organizing an event or seeking a new experience for friends or colleagues, consider our relaxation rooms, ideal for couples, hen parties, staff rewards and corporate hospitality or just hanging out with friends, combining private and stylish surroundings and a choice of spa treatments.

Our products are paraben-free, as well as free of artificial colors and fragrances, and we try to source ingredients naturally wherever possible. In addition, we do not test on animals or use animal ingredients. EmerginC is always seeking the latest scientific breakthroughs to ensure we combat the visible signs of aging skin and other skin issues as effectively as possible, offering products and facials with unparalleled results after only a single treatment.

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This treatment fights wrinkles and lines, strongly lifting slack skin. A client will be surprised at an improved tone and radiant complexion!

It reduces oily sheen and pores, improves skin tone and texture. It is ideal for combination, pigmented, oily skin. It takes away and prevents the development of blackheads. Skin will recover health and radiance. Slimming body wrap spa gentle and pampering treatment combines soothing active substances that reduce tervislik toit suua kaalulanguse ajal sensibility of the skin.

The immediate result is visible — the skin feels soft, moisturized, and refreshed. The unique moisturizing active substances act as a real bath for dry and dehydrated skins. The skin will feel fresh and luminous.

The benefits are felt immediately — you can make sure yourself how the hydro-lipid layer is improved.

The skin feels soft, moisturized, and nourished. Removes excess sheen, reduces pores. Combination, stressed, oily and impure skin will benefit from this ideal recharger. Care is complemented with revitalizing and soothing massage. Treatment includes facial analysis, cleansing, scrub, massage, eye mask plaster, arms or head massage, eye cream and day cream. It is possible to include Revital Eyes beauty treatment to other EmerginC facial treatments.

Wrinkle lines will significantly decrease.

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It will improve the skin tone and texture and promote the process of skin rejuvenation. After cleansing, a facial mask is applied corresponding to the skin type. Natural slimming body wrap spa acids, derived from bilberry, sugar cane, and sugar maple, help rapidly exfoliate dead skin cells for immediate improvement in skin clarity and texture.

Organic grape stem cells, kombucha, spirulina, seaweed, and tea extracts nourish, tone, soothe, improve skin tone, and combat the visible signs of aging skin.

Natural fruit acids, lactic acid, and more gently exfoliate dead skin cells while extracts of water lily, colloidal oatmeal, aloe, and green tea help improve hydration and soothe redness associated with sensitive skin. Skin is left calm, nourished, and radiant.

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The treatment is introduced by Phytomer special welcoming ritual to stimulate all your senses. The dry brushing of your whole body with sea sponges is gentle, but efficiently removes dead cells of your skin and makes it feel extremely comfortable.

Due to unique marine ingredients, the following bath and massage help to remove excess liquid from your tissues, stimulate fat cells, and firm slimming body wrap spa skin, therefore this bath treatment, which shapes your body curves suits everybody who wants to become slimmer.

The pleasant bath treatment suits everybody who appreciates the replenishing power and virtues of the sea world. The treatment is introduced by Phytomer specific welcoming ritual stimulating all your senses.

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It is followed by a soft, but effective dry brushing of your whole body with sea sponges. After that, you have a rest in special super concentrated bath water the skin-replenishing action of which is equal to 40 ocean bathings. At the end of the treatment, moisturizing body milk is applied to your skin. As all Phytomer treatments, this one, too, starts with a specific welcoming ritual stimulating all your senses and is followed by an efficient, but gentle dry brushing of your body with sea sponges.

And chances are, if your mom has it, you might, too!

The slimming action is provided by pure algae extract powder which is added to the bathwater. The super-concentrated marine ingredient rich in active agents of the special bath extract improves the metabolism of your dermis, stimulates fat slimming body wrap spa to avoid fat accumulation, and helps your organism to remove excess liquid.

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Not recommended for people with thyroid gland problems and iodine allergy. Next, a light moisturizer is applied to soothe the skin. Enjoy healthy natural nails by first soaking in a nail whitening bath.

Next, your cuticles — the gateway to healthy nail growth — are groomed and nourished.

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Relax, unwind, and heal your hands with the ultimate in spa luxury. First, the skin is gently, yet effectively exfoliated with an aromatic blend of sugarcane crystals. A rich, detoxifying volcanic clay mask, eliminates impurities, heals, and soothes skin. A layer of moisture is added to the skin, applied in your choice of massage techniques.

First, the feet are cleaned with warm moist towels. For smoothing skin the feet are exfoliated with AH acids, A and E vitamins, and natural sugar crystal exfoliator. Then a moisturizing mask is applied and let to take effect for 5 minutes. The treatment is completed with a massage of feet and legs to knees. Here the exfoliator gives the result by slimming body wrap spa dead skin cells, which makes feet smooth and soft.

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