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Powerfully positive affirmations audio to shift your beliefs, retrain your thinking and uplift your energy. These positive affirmation statements support you at every level to unleash inner peace, freedom and success, personally and professionally. They are so simple that anyone can use them, even a child, they are easy to learn how to use there isn't even really a best way to use themand even if you don't know what that are reaalne rasva poletamine, you could be using them within 5 minutes, feeling positive, warm, and happy inside too!

What is affirmation and why it is so powerful? Affirmation is simply a process of thinking, listening, saying or writing a statement to yourself or other people repeatedly.

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For example, when you wake up every morning, you may affirm by saying aloud "Today is a great day! Trust me!

Before I explain to you the power of affirmation, I think it's important that you understand the power of belief. How many times have you heard people saying "if you believe you can, you can"?

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Perhaps one of the great truths in life is that your belief creates your reality. In other words, your reality is generally a reflection of the beliefs of your subconscious mind.

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That's why if you believe you can, you can. By the way, what is a belief?

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A belief is simply a thought that is accepted by your subconscious mind. Actually not all thoughts are turned into realities. Kaalulanguse kinnitamise avaldused thoughts that are believed by the subconscious mind are turned into realities.


The reason why belief turns into reality is because of the Universal and Natural Law of Attraction. Features: - Offline app without internet access - Affirmations audio categories Please review and rate our app, I hope you'll give us five stars.

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