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And media has eyes for the money. Now eat it up and love yourself! Easy on the salt too, salt holds a lot of excess water in your body and makes it hard to absorb certain nutrients.

Silvia Green Leave a comment So what does our body really need? It needs food, thats for sure. But what exactly? Every website tells different facts, people have never been more confused. We have never had that many diets and supplements around us as we do now. Also, we have not had this many obese and sick people around us. Whats going on? Is something not working? Hell yes things are not working.

Most of the world that has eyes for mainstream media only. And media has eyes for the money.

Weight loss is a great industry. Promising quick results — quick easy money. More people as customers every day.

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They want the supplement, they want that magic pill. But hello. Being healthy is natural. Is the most obvious thing ever.

Why do you need then to focus t25 rasva kadu money on some magic thing or eat the way that is ridiculous and unnatural? If we would take a moment and think now way back. Like waay wayy back in time. The world without all the industries, without all the factories and producing that mankind has made. Just the world with few hundred thousand humans, animals and nature with the abundance of everything it offers.

Heaps of fruit trees, vegetable fields, pure soil and clean air.

Plants for food would be our first choice. No doubt.

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With the abundance of groving potatoes, fruits, who would get hungry seeing a running lion? What about the fact that people used to hunt for food? This was very very rare occasion and a backup plan. But does this all matter, in todays world? Today we can be smarter.

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We now know, that a plant based vegan diet is the best for human health from all the studies that have been made. We have access to the best food on earth that we dont even have slimming w9rld spag bol grow ourselves. Plant foods such as bananas, rice, potatoes, pasta are the cheapest foods on planet. So no excuses. Make the ethical connection and there is no slimming w9rld spag bol back. Coming back to the point, what is the one thing that our body cant live without? Every cell in your body runs on glucose.

Our brain needs glucose to function. Our organs, muscles, cells all run on glucose. How to get glucose into the body? Most perfect form for sugar: fuits. Ripe, fresh fruits.

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Secondly comes carbohydrates. From rice, potatoes, vegetables, beans, legumes, noodles and so on. Yes, potatoes turn into sugar and NO sugar does not turn into fat!!!! If you think it does show me the long term obese fruitarians and vegans.

Your body is not stupid.

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If you think that sugar is the cause of obesity, let me see what those obese people eat. The fat you eat is the fat you wear, literally. The longest living people on earth have all plant based diets. Number one country in longevity: Okinawa.

Their staple: sweet potatoes. Smallest number in heart desease, diabetes, cancer.

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Eat the real food. Do not restrict. Calorie restricting fads are terrible for your mental and physical health. Do not starve yourself in order for the goal of happiness.

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Love yourself enough to eat the right foods as much as you want. When eating plant based, be aware: you will slimming w9rld spag bol feel the satisfaction and happiness.

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For no reason. Or for the reason, that you are doing your body a favour and this is the way it thanks you. You will cure your skin problems, your digestion problems and you will preform better in athletics.

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You will get into your healthy weight with no extreme efforts. You wil feel energised and productive. Everything will just make sense. Stock up on your favourite foods. Pretty much everything can be done vegan.

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If you think you are addicted to greasy things such as cheese and chocolate, feel if you really want them after your body is fueled with the right foods. After your cells are happy and nourished, your brain will will get the signal and you will be happy and satisfied as well. It IS true. I would get a big bowl of veggie sushi or potatoes any time instead a chocolate bar or a donut. Because i know how good and satisfied clean carbs make me feel and dammn they are tasty!

For breakfast there is nothing better than fruit.

Blend together bananas and water, eat them by themself, have a big bowl of your favourite fruits, eat berries, watermelon. Froot is good! If people around you do not think you are weird, you are not eating enough fruit. Eat the rice, eat it big. Add in greens and vegetables. You will feel so great.

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It really is that simple. You will get all your minerals and vitamins from whole plant foods. Easy on the salt too, salt holds a lot of excess water in your body and makes it hard to absorb certain nutrients. Enjoy your pasta with low sodium or self made tomato sauce.

If you are fine with wheat, there is no problem with it. I prefer rice or corn pasta, just because it digests better.

Clean plantsy carbs and big servings. Im not even gonna say move your body too, because with foods like that you will feel the most energised and going out to explore is just a pleasure. Now eat it up and love yourself! All pics by the gorgeous Loni. About the ethics, watch this if you havent yet.