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Gym ABC Training for newbies of the gym who are not certain how to use the cardio equipment and machines. Well suited for beginners! The class ends with a short stretch.

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Classes marked deep fat burner an orange-pink color in the kaalulangus aastatuhanded are Fitball lessons listed separately, as the classes are calmer in nature than regular muscle classes. Lots of exercises that train the corset muscles and are used in rehabilitation!

Bars, extra weights and stepping platforms are used during the training. All of the major muscle groups are trained during the one-hour bar training. You can adjust the amount of weights placed on the bar. This makes the training suitable for everyone and increasing weights makes it developing by stimulating the body to deep fat burner increasingly better results.

The workout begins with a short microgynon 30 ja kaalulangus simple warmup.

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Dumbbells, stepping platforms, fitballs, rubber belts and other instruments are used. The lesson ends with stretching exercises. Fitball Muscle workout that utilises a large exercise ball.

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Proper load is given to girdle muscles and shoulders, other muscles are also trained. This training gives you a good posture and balanced muscles. The workout ends with pleasant stretching. Fatburn This workout begins with an aerobic part which maintains the pulse in the fat burn zone. No difficult stepping combinations are made. The workout constitutes of muscle training that varies with aerobic parts which involve lighter weights and stepping platform.

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The training ends with slight stretching. The Fatburn workout is suitable for everyone who seek to improve stamina and form beautiful muscles. Ringtrenn The training begins with an introduction which presents the exercises and techniques for performing them.

This workout is suitable for both beginners and advanced. Loads can be easily adjusted according to physical capabilities and goals.

The workout will tone up the muscles and improve general physical condition. The main part of the workout is performed in so-called stations by doing exercises for upper and lower parts of body during one minute and then moving along to the next station. During the training session 10—12 exercises and rounds shall be performed. The workout ends with stretching exercises for all muscle groups that were trained. Gym ABC Training for newbies of the gym who are not certain how to use the cardio equipment and machines.

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The trainer will instruct on how to build up an efficient gym workout! The training session begins with a warmup, an easy combination on the stepping platform and the second half of the session will use various instruments for muscle training dumbbells, weights, mats, etc.

The training is suitable for everyone as the weights in the muscle training part can be selected by yourself. The stepping training is effective in burning calories and is good for your heart.

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Zumba This is a Latin American styled emotional dance fitness programme. Zumba is based on three or four main movements which are easily imitated and to which various dance or fitness elements are added. ZUMBA® is suitable for everyone, even to those who have no previous experience deep fat burner dancing or aerobics. A Zumba lesson is a real party within yourself and not just a dull workout.

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Deep fat burner Zumba workout develops stamina, effectively burns calories, makes you smile and your hips move! We train hands and body muscles at the end of the workout!

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Previous dance experience is not important at all! This is not a traditional yoga lesson, but a fun and effective workout.


The lesson is for everyone who wishes to try yoga without going deep into traditional yoga. One program lasts for 3 months. By doing YOGAFUNC you become stronger, improve flexibility and balance, become more aware of your body and will leave the lesson with a certainly positive charge. There is no difficult choreography in the training and no difficult stepping combinations will be made. BodyART increases muscle strength and stamina at the same time and releases your senses and inner energy.

While a normal strength training focuses on each muscle group separately, then bodyART training treats the human as a functional unit where exercises that train the whole body are combined with classic breathing techniques into a whole.


Several exercises train balance and thereby bring the centre of the body to focus. This workout is done barefoot or in socks and wearing comfortable sports clothes.

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It is suitable for fans on all levels and both for men and women. Complete concentration, right breathing and a careful selection of exercises trains your strength, balance and mobility, and all this is done with gentle music in the background. The workout gives a very good load on our core muscles, both through exercises and good posture.

The combination of techniques and movements offers a physical workout, at the same time we feel inner peace and harmony. Pilates 55 min Pilates 55 min — the main goal of the Pilates system is to strengthen core muscles, stabilise the spine and achieve physical and mental balance. The correct techniques of the exercises, vocabulary and body positions are taught.

The principles of Pilates are concentration, control, correct breathing and precision and smoothness of movements. Stretching 30 min A minute-long and effective stretching workout which requires previous individual warmup on cardio deep fat burner or previous participation in one of the group trainings.

The workout is suitable for everyone seeking to improve flexibility and restore the elasticity and length of muscles. Bodytoning A varied body-workout using different equipment, weights can be chosen according to your fitness level.

Introduction -

Functional exercises for the entire body! Through which we develop muscle resistance, balance, and mobility. Varied lessons give a good workload. Exercise ends with relaxing exercises.


BodyShaping Classic shaping - a training system for women suitable for both beginners and advanced trainers. The workout ensures a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing feminine body, a good shape, and an ever better feeling.

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Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic yoga style where breathing and movement are synchronized. Through Vinyasa workouts, muscle performance improves, the body becomes more flexible, strength, and balance increases.

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The deep fat burner starts with tuning and warm-up. We then go through greetings of the Sun to the main part of the class where we perform the exercises in standing, sitting, and we make deep forward and backward bends, test the balance and learn interesting positions.

The class gives the body a pleasant load, also focusing on training body muscles.

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The physical part of the class helps to prepare you for the final relaxation approx. The class gives your body a physical load and combining positions with conscious breathing calms the nervous system. Vinyasa Yoga is suitable for beginners as well as advanced yoga enthusiasts, as the positions have many variations, so you can choose your level of difficulty and follow your body's abilities.

The class takes place barefoot or in socks.

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Bring drinking water with you. AeroFight AeroFight - Excellent intense boxing type workout with energetic music. The workout develops well the entire body's endurance and coordination. The class is suitable for both men and women and does not require any prior knowledge of martial arts. Combination of kicks, strikes, chops, etc. Come release your emotions and burn a lot of calories!

EasyFit A light structured workout involving the entire body. The class begins with the moving part and is followed by muscle exercises. Well suited for beginners! Insanity Insanity is a healthy body training program that does not require additional tools.

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Using your body weight, a "max interval" workout is performed. This means minutes of exercises are completed to their maximum level, followed by a sec break.